Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Say wha'?

Hey there 10th graders,
Did you know that most people like having stories read to them?  It's true.  How about that having stories read to you makes you a better reader?  It does.  Reading along with someone who is reading to you not only makes you a better reader, but it increases your reading comprehension.

It was hours of work, but this page has links to the Audiobook version of To Kill a Mockingbird.  You can listen to each section and try to imagine what is happening (this also makes you a better reader), or you can listen and read along in your own book (or use the electronic copy ).  You might also be able to download these audio files into your iPods or mp3 players.  Let me know if you figured out how to do it!

However you decide to use it, the Audiobook is a valuable tool that will help you become better readers and succeed in English class.

Happy reading,
Mr. Karpinski